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Our Story.
  Our Mission.

Miracle Assisted Living Homes is committed to provide the very highest level of loving care, in the very finest luxury home environments.

Since 1993, well-known Christian home designer/builder Tom Hignite, and his wife Jacquie,  have built one of the top names in Southeastern Wisconsin home building. They have built thousands of unusual and exotic luxury homes, introducing one new innovative concept after another. The Hignite’s Miracle Homes was born from a gift of a single homesite from Tom’s Father, Walter.

In 2012, Walter’s health took an unexpected turn that lead him to bounce through several assisted living homes and re-hab facilities, ending in his untimely death at a CBRF home. Over the months, Tom saw, first hand, how modern care facilities had failed woefully in providing adequate, loving care. 

This life-altering experience expanded Tom and Jacquie’s talents to build a new type of assisted living home that would focus on providing exceptional care in the midst of their very finest luxury homes.  The core idea was to dramatically increase the level of care by having at least one care-giver(sometimes two)to serve every 4 residents instead of the typical 1 to 10 (or even 15) ratio in a standard CBRF.

Their first such Adult Family Home was built in Northwest Milwaukee , opening in 2015. 2 other such homes were built on an adjoining neighboring lot, and another neighboring home is currently under construction. In Spring of 2020, Miracle is opening their first such home in Richfield, just North of Germantown. 

The formula of exceptional personal assisted care combined with exceptional luxury homes is their earnest goal.  Tom, Jacquie, and their staff hope will make a huge impact in bringing the “care” back into assisted care homes.